Welcome Home My Son

Tom Lovetere returns home from Vietnam, March, 1968 as his mother Josephine greets him on the tarmac at Logan Airport.

43 plus years later I received two emails about a photo I took in 1968. Probably my favorite welcome home photo. It was before huge gates rolled to the planes or the plane came to the terminal to unload its passengers.  It was when you could stand on the tarmac and it could be bitter cold but the warmth of watching what was happening in front of you warmed you up better than a hot tub.

1968 Tom Lovetere is greeted by is family at Logan Airport upon returning from Vietnam.

Hi Stanley, No you don’t know me but I am the wife of the soldier you photographed back in 1968 at Logan Airport. “Welcome Home My Son” was the caption that made the front page of the Record American. Just want to say Thank You for the memories!! Although the newspaper is quite old we still show it to our grandkids all the time. You we’re one hell of a guy then and I’m sure you still are. Thank You and God bless you. Donna Lovetere

Josephine Lovetere as she hugs her son Tom on his return to Boston in 1968 from Vietnam.

Hi Stanley, my name is Tom Lovetere and I just wanted to let you know that I am one of the stories you wrote about and photographed that had a happy ending. I am the soldier that you were allowed out on the tarmac at Logan on March 6th 1968.That was one of the happiest times of my life to see my mother and my seven brothers waiting for me. I couldn’t wait to wrap my arms around her so she would finally know that her youngest son, her baby was all right and finally home. My mom cherished that photo and the memory you gave her for the rest of her life. She received many phone calls and letters for years after from veterans and families of veterans from all wars about that photo and the look on her face. I still have some of the old newspapers but they are falling apart from the years gone by. My mom passed away 26 years ago but I will always remember the joy you brought her from your photos.

Members of the Lovetere family make their way to the terminal to greet the rest of the family and friends.

The East Boston family had called the Record American city desk to tell us the family would be there to welcome Tom’s arrival from Vietnam and back during that conflict not all of the home comings were of a happy nature. For 45 years I have covered some very joyous homecomings and then there are the others. From watching tears of joy to just watching tears of pain. This is one of my better ones and these emails make the memories of that day even better.


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