Should Have Said “No Thank You!”

Yesterday I worked 8:30 to 4:30. Finished up at Logan Airport shooting the display monitors showing cancelled flights south of Boston due to snow. Called home and said I would be home early for dinner.

Then the phone rang and I was asked if I could go to the Children’s Hospital to shoot a 5:pm presser with Boston Police and the family of a six year old who was the victim of a hit and run driver Saturday night in the Brighton section of Boston.

Arrive at Children’s Hospital, reception area full, had to double park where I was told. Ask by parking attendant if they could put my car in the garage, I said no as when I come out close to 5:30 I will need to get to my live shot.  Did not wear layers of clothes as I was going inside.

Great presser, very sad about the hit and run 6 year old girl.  Boston Police, her parents and doctor speaking. The parents quote “this was not some animal the driver hit but their little girl” was very dramatic. Jorge Quiroga (Channel Five reporter) took tape and ran down to where truck was.  He did not know where it was at the time and neither did I.

Go out to get in car, no car. Attendant told me they were getting it.  Stood there for 10 minutes, now 5:40.  I told attendant that in 5 minutes I had to walk down to where the truck was and do a live shot and he told me the car should already be here and he checked.  Very cold about 100 yard walk with tripod, camera, wrong hat and no gloves.

While I am waiting for the car for a few more minutes another attendant asked me for my coupon for payment.  I tell him I have no clue what he is talking about.  He says everyone else had one why didn’t I? I said because no one gave me one. He said you have to pay.  I said I am not paying. I was very nice as he insisted.  I told him he should contact whoever he has to because I was not paying.

Called the desk for help, standing out in cold and still waiting, I had 1 minute left before I would start walking. Attendant comes out with coupon but still no car.

I walked to truck, set up for live shot, Jorge said might be top of show then we are told 8 minutes in. Stood out there from 5:55, wrong hat, no gloves, Harvey Leonard the weatherman telling everyone there is going to be a lot of snow. I am freezing and we are 8 minutes in which felt like an hour.  Finish live shot, walk back up, vehicle is there.

Have to go to bathroom, ask attendant if I can leave vehicle few more minutes, race in to where the lobby level men’s room is. Guess what, closed for cleaning. Ask where next one is, up one level down six corridors and found it.  No paper towels use jeans.

Get home at 730, miss dinner with Debbie, cooked chicken not warm anymore, salad leftovers soggy, lousy night, should have said “no thank you.”

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