The Rolling Stones at Worcester Airport, 1981

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The Story Behind the Photos

In September of 1981 reporter Bob Keeley and I were sent to Brimfield, Massachusetts to find the Rolling Stones. We had gotten word that the group was practicing out there for an upcoming tour. It took a day or two to find where the farm studio they were working at was located.

We spent the week hanging around the outskirts of the farm just waiting for a glimpse of the members. We did see some of the female companions horseback riding on a couple of those days but no sighting of the musicians.

On Friday of that week, word was out they would be flying out of Worcester Airport. We all waited with many more of the Boston Media showing up. I only knew Mick Jagger but was lucky enough to get images of everyone in the group. Of course I had to rely on my good friend, fellow photographer and rock and roll expert Ted Gartland to ID the other members in my photos.