Lucky Sneezes Or Just A Cold?

Growing up I was told by my mother or maybe it was my grandmother that sneezing six times in a row was lucky. Of course back then the thinking was it would bring a financial miracle. Being very superstitious and willing to put a quarter or so on a lottery ticket I always believed it would happen.

Well I have already hit the lottery of life and I am still trying for the financial part of it. Yes like so many other believers I know I will cash in that six digit ticket one of these days.

I sneeze a lot and count the sneezes. Of course when it comes about I make sure I drop to my knees otherwise I will drop to my knees as I did in 1976 when I sneezed out my back. My father had to come to my Watertown apartment and practically carry me to the doctor.

Yesterday, Tuesday the 8th of March I sneezed 9 times, which should be really lucky and since I don’t seem to be hitting the lottery it usually means a good story. I am humored at the Channel Five office about this and when I called the Assistant News Director, Gerry Wardwell, he laughed and said “what does that mean you are going to cover a rollover on Route 128?”

12 hours later I am sitting at the computer and Peabody Fire gives out a call for a tandem tractor trailer rollover on Route 128 at Route 95, eight miles from my home. I was beside myself and decided not to go as Wardwell was not going to get the last laugh.

A few minutes later they upgraded the call and said the trailer that overturned was carrying ink and it had covered the roadway. I still did not want to go but when the station did a cut-in and the roadway looked like a rainbow from the aerial view I slid down the pole and raced to the scene.

So was I right that something would happen or was Gerry right about a rollover on route 128?

Advantage Wardwell!

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