Kevin White - Former Mayor of Boston

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The Story Behind the Photos

Kevin White the Mayor of Boston from 1968 till 1984 invited my paper, The Boston Herald American (the name we went by in the late 70s now The Boston Herald) to send a photographer to his Cape Cod home for a family visit. It was a very enjoyable shoot and I was welcomed by all including the family dog Adlai, like in Stevenson.

According to his daughter Patricia the White’s had 4 golden retrievers in about a 20 year span. His children Mark, Caitlin, Beth, Chris, Patricia and their cousin Heather were all there. I took many rolls of black and white film also shooting color slides which was unusual for me. Mr. White and his wife Kathryn were wonderful hosts.

I covered Kevin White from the beginning of his leadership as Mayor in 1968. I went shopping with Mayor White and his son Mark for new shoes one day as it was Kevin’s day to do the shopping.

The day of his swearing in for his first term as Mayor in 1968 I was at the outgoing Mayor John Collins’ home in Jamaica Plain photographing him watching the swearing in on television.

When Mayor White made his very controversial decision not to run again in 1984 for the upcoming election I was there outside the Channel Five studios waiting for him to show up and surprise everyone with his decision. It was an announcement that was very secretive and it took many by surprise.

Mayor White was fun to cover, knew what a sound-bite was and knew how to play to the cameras, whether it was still or video.