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Stanley J. Forman, Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer


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Stanley Joseph Forman (born July 10, 1945 in Winthrop, Massachusetts) is a photojournalist who over a four-year period won a Pulitzer Prize three times while working at the Boston Herald American.

Forman studied photography at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston, 1965-1966. After graduation, he was a cameraman for a political campaign "Edward W. Brooke's Campaign for the US Senate." before joining the Boston Herald (which became the Boston Herald American in 1973 and reverted to Boston Herald in 1983) as a photo lab technician. He was later promoted to staff photographer.

Forman won his first two Pulitzer Prizes consecutively, the first photographer to do so. In 1976, he won in the category of "Spot News Photography" for his sequence of photographs showing a young woman and a two-year-old girl falling from a collapsed balcony during a local fire. The next year, he was co-winner in the same category for The Soiling of Old Glory, a photograph depicting black lawyer Ted Landsmark being assaulted by a man wielding a flagpole as a weapon. Forman's third Pulitzer Prize came in 1979 when the photography staff of the Boston Herald American won in the "Feature Photography" category for its coverage of the blizzard of 1978. Forman has been a Nieman Fellow. Forman worked as a cameraman at Boston station WCVB-TV since 1983 and retired at the end of 2021. He currently chases news as a Stringer with the sounds from the scanners as music to his ears.

Stanley and his daughter Hannah

Stanley and Glossy, 1978

Stanley and his daughter Molly

Here are a few more awards Stanley has won during his career

World Press Photo, 1976

The Sigma Delta Chi, 1975


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