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Cop Shoots Cop, Shoots Self, What A Night!

Shoot­ing scene on Enon Street in Bev­erly, MA

It all started for the cops around 5:30 pm when off duty Bev­erly Police Offi­cer Jason Lan­tych was com­ing out of Star­bucks and was con­fronted by an off duty Hamil­ton Sar­gent Ken­neth Nagy. Hamil­ton is a neigh­bor­ing town of Bev­erly.  Sar­gent Nagy shot the Bev­erly Offi­cer in the upper leg, described by some as the groin area, let your imag­i­na­tion run with that? Then the search was on.

If I was home I would have been maybe 3 min­utes from the scene but my wife and I had just arrived at the Hale Street Tav­ern, on the other side of Bev­erly.  We were meet­ing our friends Cindy and Paul Chasse for din­ner. Before I got out of the car I decided to take my infor­ma­tional pager off my belt and leave it in the car. I fig­ured I was on a per­sonal day off and did not want to be both­ered.  What a mis­take that was which I stated while we were hav­ing din­ner when the calls kept com­ing in.

Then I got my first call as we were about to be seated. It was about a shoot­ing at a Bev­erly Plaza, then another call, this time describ­ing it as a bank rob­bery gone badly with a cop shoot­ing the bad guy. Wrong infor­ma­tion, except that a cop had done the shoot­ing. One of the calls said it was a domes­tic between two cops. All of us at the table were let­ting our imag­i­na­tion run wild try­ing to fig­ure out how it could be a domes­tic shoot­ing between two male cops. Only the inter­est from every­one at the table because of the Bev­erly loca­tion sort of saved me from ruin­ing din­ner with my distractions.

The calls, texts, Nex­tel chirps kept com­ing in (thank­fully for me) in spite of the looks my wife Deb­bie was giv­ing me, I had to answer them.  We find it rude when peo­ple are at a restau­rant and talk on the phone, but this was about a cop shoot­ing and at that time I did not know all the details.

For the next two hours I heard from sev­eral sources includ­ing the office call­ing sev­eral times. When one source told me it was cop on cop I really started won­der­ing if I could just leave? I did that once before at a restau­rant many years ago and there was no con­ver­sa­tion in the house for a few days. That was also a cop shoot­ing many years ago.

We did get to enjoy the meal and a great dessert as I kept won­der­ing if I would be able to work the story after din­ner. One call from Susan Grif­fin on the desk, after the sus­pect had been spot­ted in Bev­erly, won­dered if I could just take Deb­bie and go?

It wasn’t over when we left and I left my won­der­ful wife off at home and sped to the scene. Once I was out and lis­ten­ing to the radios I kept think­ing about some of the BOLOS on the sus­pect cop, one men­tion­ing there was a sui­cide note. Would he return to the scene and do a sui­cide by cop? I had envi­sioned he would pull up, drive through the crime scene tape, get out of his car with his gun out and let it happen.

Reporter Sean Kelly told me he kept think­ing the sus­pect would return as he was doing his live shot. Pho­tog­ra­pher Tim Devlin showed up with his bul­let­proof vest on, but he took it off as the night wore on. Our third pho­tog­ra­pher, David Buswell-Wible also thought he might return so we were unan­i­mous in our thoughts.

Noth­ing was hap­pen­ing, no sight­ings just BOLOs on the car descrip­tion and men­tion­ing he was a cop, armed, dan­ger­ous and he had left a sui­cide note, which we could not con­firm. Any cop who heard that must have thought he did not want to be the one to grant him his wish.

Then around 10:30 as all the TV crews had either done their ten o’clock live shots or were get­ting ready for their eleven, I heard a Bev­erly cop ask for the license plate again. After it was given he said, “he just pulled in behind the shoot­ing scene, by the Gar­den City Pub!”

My adren­a­line went wild I was in my car and moved it about 40 yards to where I should not have been which was about 40 feet from the car.  Sean who got called by the office, said it was the fastest he ever jumped out of our New­Star Truck. He looked over and saw where my car was  told the desk I might be in the cop’s lap.

I rolled down the car win­dows so when I got out hug­ging the car for pro­tec­tion I would be able to hear what the cops were say­ing from the radio traf­fic on my scan­ners. My phone rang sev­eral times from peo­ple lis­ten­ing to their scan­ners and I kept pick­ing it up and hang­ing it up till I finally yelled, “leave me alone!” I had enough to do just try­ing to stay safe and be there for the finish.

It was chaotic as cops with their guns drawn cir­cled the area and at first glance they did not see any­one in the car. More cops, more guns and cops scream­ing at me to get out from where I was. State Police had at Ieast ten heav­ily armed troop­ers in the back within seconds.

I got back in my car hop­ing no one would see me, shoot­ing video through the win­dow, as the perime­ter got tighter. At one point he was thought to be on the rail­road tracks, which backed up to where his car was. So they widened their search while I kept try­ing to keep up with every­thing going on. If there was to be a shootout I wanted it in my video.

I was so excited and yet tried to main­tain some sort of calm­ness, keep­ing my cam­era run­ning even when I was not shoot­ing a spe­cific scene. If there were gun­shots going off I needed to hear them on my tape. I kept get­ting yelled at by cops and kept mov­ing my posi­tion, think­ing what am I nuts, I could be in the line of fire or worst yet in his line of fire.  You know if he shot a cop, a news­man would be no problem!

Then it ended less than ten min­utes later as some­one took a closer look in the car. State Police said he was on a “Code Four,” which means dead. From the video I saw of the vic­tim it appeared he put the driver’s seat back and pulled the trig­ger. Thank­fully all we could see on Tim’s tape was his hands by his side sit­ting in the car as his upper torso was out of sight.

What a night and one I will not be for­get­ting any­time soon.






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