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Welcome Home My Son

Tom Lovet­ere returns home from Viet­nam, March, 1968 as his mother Josephine greets him on the tar­mac at Logan Airport.

43 plus years later I received two emails about a photo I took in 1968. Prob­a­bly my favorite wel­come home photo. It was before huge gates rolled to the planes or the plane came to the ter­mi­nal to unload its pas­sen­gers.  It was when you could stand on the tar­mac and it could be bit­ter cold but the warmth of watch­ing what was hap­pen­ing in front of you warmed you up bet­ter than a hot tub.

1968 Tom Lovet­ere is greeted by is fam­ily at Logan Air­port upon return­ing from Vietnam.

Hi Stan­ley, No you don’t know me but I am the wife of the sol­dier you pho­tographed back in 1968 at Logan Air­port. “Wel­come Home My Son” was the cap­tion that made the front page of the Record Amer­i­can. Just want to say Thank You for the mem­o­ries!! Although the news­pa­per is quite old we still show it to our grand­kids all the time. You we’re one hell of a guy then and I’m sure you still are. Thank You and God bless you. Donna Lovet­ere

Josephine Lovet­ere as she hugs her son Tom on his return to Boston in 1968 from Vietnam.

Hi Stan­ley, my name is Tom Lovet­ere and I just wanted to let you know that I am one of the sto­ries you wrote about and pho­tographed that had a happy end­ing. I am the sol­dier that you were allowed out on the tar­mac at Logan on March 6th 1968.That was one of the hap­pi­est times of my life to see my mother and my seven broth­ers wait­ing for me. I couldn’t wait to wrap my arms around her so she would finally know that her youngest son, her baby was all right and finally home. My mom cher­ished that photo and the mem­ory you gave her for the rest of her life. She received many phone calls and let­ters for years after from vet­er­ans and fam­i­lies of vet­er­ans from all wars about that photo and the look on her face. I still have some of the old news­pa­pers but they are falling apart from the years gone by. My mom passed away 26 years ago but I will always remem­ber the joy you brought her from your photos.

Mem­bers of the Lovet­ere fam­ily make their way to the ter­mi­nal to greet the rest of the fam­ily and friends.

The East Boston fam­ily had called the Record Amer­i­can city desk to tell us the fam­ily would be there to wel­come Tom’s arrival from Viet­nam and back dur­ing that con­flict not all of the home com­ings were of a happy nature. For 45 years I have cov­ered some very joy­ous home­com­ings and then there are the oth­ers. From watch­ing tears of joy to just watch­ing tears of pain. This is one of my bet­ter ones and these emails make the mem­o­ries of that day even better.


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  1. A beau­ti­ful set of pho­tographs. Doc­u­men­tary pho­tog­ra­phy at its best-relaying intense human emo­tions. I have long thought that cap­tur­ing pure hap­pi­ness is harder than pho­tograph­ing any other emo­tion. These images will only increase in his­toric impor­tance as time goes on. Thank you for shar­ing them.

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