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Nine Lives Minus One

Rou­tine call from Joe Roche on the assign­ment desk, cat on a pole in Rox­bury, please take a look. When I got there Danielle Gen­ter from the Ani­mal Res­cue League was already there, I worked with her two weeks ago on the coy­ote rescue.

Look­ing around I saw noth­ing but her vehi­cle and the deep snow I thought I was going to have to trudge through to find this kit­ten.  I looked up there she was, perched on the top of a tele­phone pole with­out a care in the world. She was prac­ti­cally doing a bal­let dance on her perch. Pranc­ing around, giv­ing her­self a bath, not a care in the world.  The only prob­lem it’s owner a sweet elderly woman was just about panicked.

There I was stand­ing and talk­ing to her as she told me Chan­nel Five was her favorite sta­tion, the rea­son she called us for help. She could not under­stand why the fire depart­ment and the Ani­mal Res­cue League res­cuer would not just climb up the pole and bring her 3 month old kit­ten “Star” down to safety. Worked out a neigh­bor dog chased the kit­ten up the pole the night before.

I know she did not under­stand when I explained to her the power lines were too dan­ger­ous for every­one but an elec­tri­cal worker.   She wanted no part of my expla­na­tion and for the next 90 min­utes or so kept com­plain­ing. In between explain­ing and try­ing to ease her anx­i­ety I was mov­ing the tri­pod around and tak­ing great video and still pho­tos of the most care­free kit­ten you would ever want to see, both media pro­duced com­pelling images, espe­cially if you are an ani­mal lover.

I had given up the wait for NStar and was pulling out of my park­ing space when I looked out the side view mir­ror and there was our future hero. The NStar truck pulled up and the tech­ni­cian accessed the sit­u­a­tion and went to work.

He first put up the bucket to see if the kit­ten would just jump into it and when that did not work he got out this exten­sion pole and just kept pulling out sec­tion after sec­tion after sec­tion, till it was long enough to reach the top of the pole. I had no idea what his plan was but I knew I had to grab a spot where I could be sit­ting down and bal­ance my video cam­era on my knees so it could look straight up.  I picked the icy stair­way lead­ing to the own­ers apart­ment tip­toed up and got to work. Bend­ing back­wards with the cam­era on my shoul­der and look­ing up doesn’t work any­more on this old achy body.

The NStar man kept try­ing to push the kit­ten off the top and the kit­ten kept dodg­ing the pole. It went on for a about a minute as the tech­ni­cian had great con­trol of the pole and the cat seemed to keep it’s bal­ance.  All of a sud­den the kit­ten started run­ning down the pole a cou­ple of feet and then leaped for safety. It ended up miss­ing the hard­ened snow pile but landed first on the Danielle Genter’s shoul­der then bounced into the hard­ened snow bank. Danielle had a blan­ket with her, grabbed the kit­ten like she was a short­stop on a base­ball team and ran it into the woman’s home, with all of us fol­low­ing her.

The kit­ten was fine, no worse for the ordeal. The owner was elated and she thanked every­one. The NStar worker told her to call any­time she had a kit­ten stuck up a tree.

Video Link To Rescue:

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  1. I love this! I’m gonna share it on my Face­book page!

  2. OMG! Awe­some story and I LOVE the pic­tures!!! The kit­ten is soooo cute! Great work Stan­ley!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stan­ley
    Great sto­ries. You write well, in your own fash­ion, sim­ply and to the point.
    I’d love more child­hood in Revere anec­dotes.
    A fan

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