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Celtics, Knicks, Spike Lee and Me

Spike Lee a giant in his indus­try has used my photo “The Soil­ing Of Old Glory” in at least two of his movies, one of them being Mal­colm X and I have an auto­graphed hat from him. A cou­ple of weeks ago I got an email from my web­site which asked for my phone num­ber as the tele­phone num­ber on my web­site was incor­rect. The only catch to me from this email was it said the num­ber that is on the site when dialed got them to a pack­ing company.

My radar went up and I thought it was some kind of sex­ual ref­er­ence. I sent a reply ask­ing “who are you?” Their reply said Spike Lee wants to talk to you. Of course I sent the cor­rect num­ber back imme­di­ately I would have run to New York if needed.

I was out­side Ted’s Mobil in Methuen, Mass­a­chu­setts doing the 390 mil­lion plus Megamil­lions story for my sta­tion. I thought I might not be buy­ing the win­ning ticket but I will be talk­ing with Spike Lee almost as good.

I was think­ing when he called I would get to know his per­sonal phone num­ber from caller ID but of course all it said was incom­ing. The voice on the other end intro­duced him­self as Spike Lee and I imme­di­ately said “before we talk about busi­ness I want to ask you about the Celtics/Knicks game from last month?”

I ask him if he ever saw the video of the game and his answer was “you mean the night we got robbed?” I said you did not get robbed and he told me “Paul Pierce’s shot was made with .7 sec­onds left and the Knicks had .4 sec­onds left. I insisted they did not get robbed, they lost, then told him about the announces talk­ing about him and his love of the Knicks but sort of pok­ing fun at him.

He said “you mean Tommy Hein­sohn or Cedric Maxwell?  I said no it was a national game and they were not the announc­ers and he imme­di­ately said “it must be Van Gundy and com­pany?”  I told him I was not sure but they were all over the fact that his old friend who now played for the Celtics whose name I had to ask him by ask­ing him who it was that went from the Knicks to the Celtics.  He answered “Nate Robin­son” and he was hav­ing a great night against the Knicks which I think the announc­ers were enjoy­ing as the cam­eras played on Spike Lee. My last remark was “you got more face time than Jack Nichol­son gets at Lak­ers’ games.”

What a thrill I got to talk about bas­ket­ball with Spike Lee and even bet­ter the Celtics won that night. Of course I have been at a cou­ple of Celtics’ win­ning cham­pi­onship games. The best one was in 1962 when Frank Selvy of the Lak­ers missed an 8 footer with the score tied at 100 and sec­onds tick­ing down, Bill Rus­sell pulled down the rebound, went to his knees and held on till reg­u­la­tion time ended.

In that game the Lak­ers’ great Elgin Bay­lor fouled out in over­time. The Celtics starters ran over to the vis­it­ing bench to shake Baylor’s hand after he sat down and then the Celtics won the cham­pi­onship in the overtime.

I was at the Bru­ins Stan­ley Cup vic­tory in 1970 when they beat St. Louis at Boston Gar­den sit­ting in my sea­son ticket seats sec­tion 73 row C seat 3 or 4. I saw every game Bobby Orr played at Boston Gar­den includ­ing when he played with the Oshawa Gen­er­als as they would play a game or two every year in Boston. I gave up my seats after Orr left for the Chicago Blackhawks.

When the Bru­ins beat the Rangers for the Stan­ley Cup in 1972 I was at Logan Air­port at the gate when the Bru­ins returned with the Cup in hand.  Of course I messed the cap­tion for the photo up by misiden­ti­fy­ing the woman get­ting off the plane as Bobby Orr’s girl­friend Peggy who even­tu­ally became his wife.  The young woman in the photo was one of the assis­tants in the Bru­ins office.  I think I was more upset than the edi­tors when they made the correction.

In the 1976 play­offs the Celtics beat Phoenix in the 5th game but it took three over­times and the last over­time and the vic­tory came at the end of the court where I was sit­ting.  Celtics went on to win the Cham­pi­onship in seven games.

In 1975 I ran out onto the field as a still cam­era­man cov­er­ing the game for the Her­ald Amer­i­can after Car­leton Fisk hit his famous 12 inning 6th game of the World Series win­ning home run against the Cincin­nati Reds in the World Series.  Fisk was wav­ing it fair as he watched it going out of the park as he rounded first base.

In 1986 I was on the field for the Red Sox vic­tory that sent them to the World Series against the Mets and out­side Fen­way Park after they lost the cham­pi­onship to the Mets in part due to Bill Buckner’s error when they came back home.  It was 3: am or so and there was a fan yelling to Bob Stan­ley “you are the best!”

I sat in Red Auerbach’s box at a home game once with my good friend Alan Gorin as the paper’s sports edi­tor Sam Cohen who was always there with Red saw us and invited us into two empty seats.  No Red did not engage in a con­ver­sa­tion with me other than say­ing hello.

And now I got to talk with Spike Lee, not bad!!!

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