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Should Have Said “No Thank You!”

Yes­ter­day I worked 8:30 to 4:30. Fin­ished up at Logan Air­port shoot­ing the dis­play mon­i­tors show­ing can­celled flights south of Boston due to snow. Called home and said I would be home early for dinner.

Then the phone rang and I was asked if I could go to the Children’s Hos­pi­tal to shoot a 5:pm presser with Boston Police and the fam­ily of a six year old who was the vic­tim of a hit and run dri­ver Sat­ur­day night in the Brighton sec­tion of Boston.

Arrive at Children’s Hos­pi­tal, recep­tion area full, had to dou­ble park where I was told. Ask by park­ing atten­dant if they could put my car in the garage, I said no as when I come out close to 5:30 I will need to get to my live shot.  Did not wear lay­ers of clothes as I was going inside.

Great presser, very sad about the hit and run 6 year old girl.  Boston Police, her par­ents and doc­tor speak­ing. The par­ents quote “this was not some ani­mal the dri­ver hit but their lit­tle girl” was very dra­matic. Jorge Quiroga (Chan­nel Five reporter) took tape and ran down to where truck was.  He did not know where it was at the time and nei­ther did I.

Go out to get in car, no car. Atten­dant told me they were get­ting it.  Stood there for 10 min­utes, now 5:40.  I told atten­dant that in 5 min­utes I had to walk down to where the truck was and do a live shot and he told me the car should already be here and he checked.  Very cold about 100 yard walk with tri­pod, cam­era, wrong hat and no gloves.

While I am wait­ing for the car for a few more min­utes another atten­dant asked me for my coupon for pay­ment.  I tell him I have no clue what he is talk­ing about.  He says every­one else had one why didn’t I? I said because no one gave me one. He said you have to pay.  I said I am not pay­ing. I was very nice as he insisted.  I told him he should con­tact who­ever he has to because I was not paying.

Called the desk for help, stand­ing out in cold and still wait­ing, I had 1 minute left before I would start walk­ing. Atten­dant comes out with coupon but still no car.

I walked to truck, set up for live shot, Jorge said might be top of show then we are told 8 min­utes in. Stood out there from 5:55, wrong hat, no gloves, Har­vey Leonard the weath­er­man telling every­one there is going to be a lot of snow. I am freez­ing and we are 8 min­utes in which felt like an hour.  Fin­ish live shot, walk back up, vehi­cle is there.

Have to go to bath­room, ask atten­dant if I can leave vehi­cle few more min­utes, race in to where the lobby level men’s room is. Guess what, closed for clean­ing. Ask where next one is, up one level down six cor­ri­dors and found it.  No paper tow­els use jeans.

Get home at 730, miss din­ner with Deb­bie, cooked chicken not warm any­more, salad left­overs soggy, lousy night, should have said “no thank you.”

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  1. You know you would not have said no, because doing this assign­ment is what you do and you do it very well, be safe my friend

  2. Some­times life’s a bitch, Stan.

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