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Rolling Stones

Mick Jag­ger Worces­ter Air­port, Sep­tem­ber 1981

In Sep­tem­ber of 1981 reporter Bob Kee­ley and I were sent to the Brim­field, Mass­a­chu­setts to find the Rolling Stones.  We had got­ten word that the group was prac­tic­ing out there for an upcom­ing tour.  It took a day or two to find where the farm stu­dio they were work­ing at was located.

We spent the week hang­ing around the out­skirts of the farm just wait­ing for a glimpse of the mem­bers.  We did see some of the female com­pan­ions horse­back rid­ing on a cou­ple of those days but no sight­ing of the musicians.

On Fri­day of that week word was out they would be fly­ing out of Worces­ter Air­port.  We all waited with many more of the Boston Media show­ing up. I only knew Mick Jag­ger but was lucky enough to get images of every­one in the group.  Of course I had to rely on my good friend, fel­low pho­tog­ra­pher and rock and roll expert Ted Gart­land to ID the other mem­bers in my photos.

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